France : "Les Mutants" dans L'Oeil de la Photographie

Publication février 2019

Publication ce samedi 16 Février de ma série "Les Mutants" dans "L'Oeil de la Photographie"

"Les Mutants"

Dans cette nouvelle série intitulée "Les Mutants", Pierre Leblanc s'interroge sur la société de consommation et plus particulièrement sur la pulsion orale dans notre monde contemporain. Il met en scène des sujets en mutation, soumis à une consommation toujours plus excessive et sans nul doute nocive.

Ces êtres en mutation, sont-ils les humains de demain ?

Serons-nous leurs semblables, par facilité, par manque de moyens, par méconnaissance ou encore par dépit ? A l'heure des perturbateurs endocriniens et autres subterfuges de l'industrie agroalimentaire, Pierre questionne l'avenir de notre consommation et se demande jusqu'où nous garderons les yeux fermés...

Qui s'engraissera le plus dans cette équation : le profit de quelques uns ou le prolétaire ?

A quoi sert le QR code présent sur chaque photographie ?

Le QR code, une fois scanné, fait apparaître une fiche produit mettant en évidence la problématique de santé liée à cet empoisonnement de masse (effets sur l'organisme et éventuelle présence de pesticides, perturbateurs endocriniens ou additifs alimentaires).

Ces personnages "malades" nous présentent donc les 16 aliments industriels les plus vendus en supermarchés et donc consommés en France.

Assisté de son chef opérateur David Le Mevel, Pierre Leblanc a réalisé cette série en collaboration avec ArtKan, digital artist :


Artworks: "Les Mutants"

Italie : "The Mutants" dans ArtAbout Magazine

Publication décembre 2018

Publication de cette nouvelle série "Les Mutants" en Italie dans ArtAbout Magazine

In this new series entitled “The Mutants”, consumer society and above all the idea of oral drive in the current world are questioned by Pierre Leblanc. He shows mutating people under the weight of a boundless and undoubtedly harmful consumption.
Are those mutating beings the ones we will encounter for the next generations?
Will we be, because it is easier, by lack of financial resources, by ignorance or out of spite, similar ? In the existing society where we face endocrine disrupters and other food-processing industry tricks, Pierre adresses our future concerning consumption and wonders how far this could go if we keep our eyes closed…
Who will take the most advantage of the situation : individual profit of a few, or the proletarian ?

What is the purpose of the QR code on each photograph ?

The QR Code, once scanned, shows a datasheet hightlighting the public helth issue related to this mass poisoning (effect on the human organism, possible presence of pesticides, endocrine disrupters or food additives).
These "diseased" characters are presenting us the 16 best-selling industrial foods in supermarkets and therefore the most consumed in France.


Assisted by his director of photography David Le Mevel, Pierre Leblanc realized this series in collaboration with ArtKan, digital artist :

Artworks: "Les Mutants"

Georgia : Tbilisi Photography Museum

Publication octobre 2018

Après avoir été présentée à la "Nuit de la Photographie 2017", la série "Traumas" est désormais visible au Musée de la Photographie de Tbilisi en Géorgie.


" What has traumatized you? ", this is the question which Pierre Leblanc could have posed to the characters whom he constructs in scene. In a play of shadow and light, Pierre reveals the trace which each one of us can make every effort to chase away or to not acknowledge at all and that nevertheless colors the prism of our existence. The other, the speech, the acts; either real or reconstructed, fantasized or lived, this is what he puts before us and pushes us, one more time, to introspection.

- CL-

Artworks: "Traumas"

Italy : UrbanContest Magazine

Publication août 2018

UrbanContest Magazine Italie publie un article sur l'ensemble de mon travail.

“Traumas”, “Showroom”, “Discriminations”, “The Bench”. Questi sono i titoli di alcune serie fotografiche dell’artista francese, Pierre Leblanc. Se dai termini non sono chiari gl’intenti, gli scatti di Leblanc ci conducono in un viaggio di perdizione e disagio senza soluzione di continuità.

Una narrazione della commedia umana contemporanea, che non fornisce mai alibi o assoluzioni. I protagonisti delle fotografie di Pierre Leblanc, sono letteralmente perduti nel viaggio della vita e ne pagano le conseguenze. Ritratti violenti al neon che non vogliono nascondere i non detti. Non c’è spazio per la vergogna ma solo una malinconica consapevolezza di sbagliare. Le donne e gli uomini raccontati dal fotografo francese, rincorrono l’adrenalina fino alle estreme conclusioni come fosse l’unica medicina per vivere la quotidianità. Le atmosfere cupe, imbarazzanti e gelide, fanno trasparire l’imminente pericolo e la tragica conclusione delle proprie scelte.... 

Italy : "ArtAbout Magazine"

Publication mai 2018

Publication en Mai 2018 de ma série "Intérieurs" en Italie dans "ArtAbout Magazine".


A sharp look on a cracked up society.

If the expression « to be driving » often means that we are “master on board”, having control on our lives, I show here that it’s not always the case. As in the backyard of a mansion or the backstage of a theater, I propose through this series a point of view on what escapes most of the time to our eyes. Who has never dreamed of being invisible to be able to see forbidden scenes?

Cars cockpits are the set I use to depict our deepest states. Stopping the time in this private space, “Insides” reveals us as behind closed doors, the intimacy of drivers and their possible passengers, either it is made out of nice, absurd or horror. New, second-hand, rented or stolen, the car- as a mirror-carries us as the body is the vehicle of our souls.

This systematic artwork delivers us human being in all its states.

Fasten your seatbelts and safe journey…

Artworks: "Intérieurs"