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March 2013 Contemporary art competition 2013

First prize in the photography category at :

Foundation Ch. PEUGEOT / 62, avenue de la Grande Armée - PARIS







Nationality: Belgian / @ : /  living in Paris


First long photographic project in 2005, “Chinese Shadows,” at the National Institute for Young Deaf in Paris. A series of portraits realized with a group of ten deaf teens.

- In 2006, a 9 month silver photography workshop with twelve African families living in a residence for social reinsertion owned by the Emmaus Association. This workshop led to an exhibition and the production of a 50 minute documentary on the daily life of families in this shelter.

- In 2007, writing of a memoir entitled “Intention/lens – Mediation” or how to use photography as a mediating and teaching tool. Sensitive to others and their history, I aim at social action through  photography and choose the staging to convey and express it.

- In 2009, I realize and display a silver photography work (6X7 Mamiya RB67 Pro SD) “A Stroll through the Beaumonts,” a series of 40 portraits of the residents of my neighborhood in Montreuil. Take picture of daily life, the life of a neighborhood where people mix with each other, come together, and where frequent interactions come to be.

- In 2010A Broken/Damaged History …” this series is made up of 38 diptychs through which I map a society where motionless men and women seem prisoners of their own picturing. I am looking to expose the shortcomings/failures of our ways of life.

In 2010, realization of 89 photographies of the book “Indisputable/Undeniable” by Christine Bard (Made in Montreuil.) For this commission, I took photos of artists and artisans/craftsmen from the city of Montreuil. Launching/promotion and marketing in October 2011.

- In 2011, production of “The Bench,” a series with a single setting realized exclusively by night. In the wake of a cataclysm slowly engineered by man, I focus here on the obscenity of our inconsistency. (project in the making)

In 2011, “Moods of a City.” This series is currently produced as a report realized at people’s home. In this time of strong social tensions, it is the state of mind of a set of individuals living in Montreuil sous Bois that I photograph.

- In 2012, production of “A Minute of Silence.” 7 generations of individuals in their natural state are represented. With the upcoming presidential election, I wonder about the rise of the Extreme Right, our freedom, and the system in which we live.

In 2012, production of “Glasberg.” The Specialized Residence Alexandre Glasberg is a 32 bed residence for adults with neuromotor handicaps.

- In 2013, production of "Insides"

March 2013 : 1st prize in the photography category (Contemporary art competition) at Foundation Ch. PEUGEOT - PARIS

In 2011 and 2012, making of a film/report for the S.A.C.D. (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers.)




- Du 29 Mai au 01 Juin 2014  "Le banc" sélectionné Festival IN des 5èmes Rencontres Photographiques d'ART'LON / Belgique

- Mars 2014 série des "Fauteuils habités" aux Arteliers / 7, rue Ste Marie / 13005 / Marseille

- 15 Octobre 2013 diptyque  "Une histoire abîmée..."  pour expo collective "SKIN SPIRIT" au Parlement Européen / Bruxelles

- Octobre 2013 diptyque "Une histoire abîmée..." sélectionné pour expo collective "SKIN SPIRIT" à L'Institut Curie / Paris

- Du 02 au 12 octobre 2013 diptyque "Une histoire abîmée..."  pour expo collective "SKIN SPIRIT" à la Mairie du  8ème / Paris

- Du 05 au 19 juin 2013  "Le banc" expo collective dans les Salons Aguado de la Mairie du 9ème - 6, rue Drouot / Paris

- Du 18 avril au 1 juin 2013 "Une histoire abîmée..." à la Galerie L'Arrivage  6, rue Larivey - 10000 TROYES.

- Du 28 au 31 Mars 2013 expo collective "SKIN" à la Jean Paul Knott Gallery / 20, bvd Barthélémy - 1000 Bruxelles (Belgique)

- Du 29 au 30 Mars 2013  "Fauteuils habités"  à la Mairie de Montreuil dans le cadre de "Le fauteuil dans tous ses états"

- Du 21 au 29 Mars 2013 expo collective au Centre Culturel Ch. PEUGEOT / 62, avenue de la Grande Armée - 75017 PARIS

- Mars 2013  "Le banc" photo sélectionnée pour expo collective à la Darkroom Gallery / Main Street - Essex Jct. Vermont / USA

- 20 Novembre au 15 Décembre 2012 expo collective à la Galerie de l'Office Culturel à Arras (INCARNAT)

- Novembre 2012  "Une histoire abîmée..." expo collective à La Galerie Premières Toiles / 105 Grand Rue - Boulogne sur mer

- Octobre 2012  "Fauteuils habités" expo collective aux Chaudronneries / 124, rue de Rosny - 93100 Montreuil

- Octobre 2012  "Le banc" sélectionné pour Artcité 2012 à Fontenay - plus d'infos à venir

- Août 2012  "Une histoire abîmée..." à la Galerie Museum de la gare d'Austerlitz - 75013 PARIS

- Juillet 2012 "Une histoire abîmée..." au centre culturel la Casa Poblano - 15, rue Lavoisier / 93100 Montreuil

- Juillet 2012  "Le banc" photo sélectionnée pour le Art Festival du Touquet "Trophée Alain Godon"

- Juin 2012 "Fauteuils habités" exposition à la MAS André Glasberg / 11, rue Georges Mélies - 93100 Montreuil

- 28 et 29 Avril 2012  "Une histoire abîmée..." expo collective à L'Usine des Chaudronneries - 124 rue de Rosny - Montreuil

- Avril 2012  "Une minute de silence" exposition collective  "Politics" - Montreuil/Vincennes -

- Janvier 2012  "Humeurs d'une ville" à La Table d'Emile - 7, rue Emile Zola à Montreuil

- Décembre 2011  "Humeurs d'une ville"  à La Table d'Emile - Montreuil

- Novembre 2011 exposition collective chez Krys Optique -  "Los Noches de los Muertos" à Montreuil sous bois.

- Octobre 2011 "Humeurs d'une ville" exposition collective à Couleur D'Orange

- Octobre 2011 vernissage et commercialisation du livre "Incontournables" - Production Made in Montreuil

- Octobre 2011  "Le banc" exposition collective "Las Vegas, parano..."  au Loft à la Bellevilloise (Paris 20).

- Septembre au 09 octobre 2011 "Une histoire abîmée..." à la Galerie de l'Office Culturel à Arras (62000)

- Juillet 2011 "Une histoire abîmée..."  à la Fête de l'art (Auxerre) - "La Poeterie".

- Juillet 2011  "Une histoire abîmée..." diptyque sélectionné pour le Art Festival du Touquet "Trophée Alain Godon".

- Juin 2011  exposition collective à L'Espace 111.

- Mai 2011 "Une histoire abîmée..." sélectionné par la ville de Montreuil pour une exposition à la Bibliothèque Robert Desnos.

- Novembre 2010  "Une histoire abîmée..." chez Pictogram à Montreuil.

- Octobre 2010 "Une histoire abîmée..." exposition et publication livre pendant les ateliers d'artistes à Montreuil.






 International :

- China : Spring Breeze magazine (November 2013)

- China : (August 2013)

- Canada : (July 2013)


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My photographies cannot be separated from the projects in which I commit myself : exhibitions in profit of breast cancer research, image education through photography, portraits of adults with neuromotor handicap at Alexandre Glasberg specialised center, etc…I use photography as a medium of my sensibility to other and its story, and the best way for me to express it is staging. Through these pictures, I question the human being hypocrisy who keeps on destroying its own planet, the raise of extremism at the eve of the 2012 French  presidential elections (Series : One minute of silence), and the absurdity of our lifestyle. Therefore, since 2005, I multiply initiatives, either working with young deaf teenagers, or creating a photo workshop in an Emmaus Social Center. My work is also deeply anchored in a territory : the parisian suburbs. I live in Montreuil and it’s also in link with its population, shopkeepers, neighbours that I create a part of my work.

The photography which won the 1st prize of the contemporary art competition of Christiane Peugeot’s Foundation in Paris is part of a series entitled: «The Bench / ». In a unique set and exclusively shot by night, this series tends to show different forms of our obscene behaviors, and the hysteria of our modern societies full of our so human incoherence. Staging is then more and more important in work, because it allows me to express sincerely and freely my feelings and my disagreements towards the world or towards the system in which I survive.

To keep on going, I would quote these few lines from an interview written by Léa Fraisse ( press attaché) :

“Is Art Work always carrying somewhat a political message? Are they projecting a particular world consciousness? Are they producing discourses in fact ? And even, by pure provocation, would you say that Art shoud be militant? Conversing with Pierre Leblanc, who defends himself from having any kind of political will, but who still smells good the committed artist,  my questions where stronger than ever. Because, as the photographer says so well, in oppressed societies, Art is often the last bastion of revolt, refusal, alternative and dream.  But then, what about our sacrosanct Democracies ? Would Art fall asleep ? Isn’t it in our nice liberal societies, governed by people who teach us to think Freedom (but can Freedom be taught ?),  who cherish it by offering it nice frames, attractive colors, bronze but misleading reflections, isn’t it precisely here that art should keep vigil ?  Make sure not to fall asleep with too exciting promesses, not to let itself be blinded by mad but always overwise lights, make sure the utopia survives in our fragile consciousness ? “

My artistic work takes place in the following way, before beginning a new series, I always ask myself the same question: do I have something to say? Then I ask myself how I’m going to stage those emotions, which set will allow me to create relevant and forcefull scenes, in relation with the theme defined for this series. Then comes the search for the characters…The project I’m preparing at the moment is entitled “Life upside down”, consisting of 10 photos, shot in 10 different sets. Each photography will come with a video shot in the set with the same actors…for the moment, I’m in the writing process of this project !

(Translated by french in english by Jessy Dessaix)